The Settlements

O. Jamie Walsh, The Settlements, French Flaps 252 pp, £10 [Limited]

The Settlements embodies the philosophy life is not a narrative with a beginning, a middle and an end. It is a book about finding worth in stories and lives cast off or considered of no use; a book about the possibility and randomness of human growth; and ultimately a (curious) love story for those who are misfits beyond the age when it is cool to be so

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The Settlements [Extracts]

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Omissioner [n.]  an omissioner is a spiritual Lumpensammeller, a person employed to collect things cast off or considered of no use, e.g. string, cloth, bones. Now strictly a pastoral role, today’s omissioners wander the city with eyes in their shoes, looking in the low places for the worth in the parts of lives others deem insignificant or lost.