A Mosaic Obituary

Peter Asbæk, A Mosaic Obituary, Hardback 144 pp, £15 [Strictly Limited]

Peter Asbæk’s final book is his experimental obituary, penned by 53 different people who did not know him. The hardback edition is strictly limited to 53 numbered copies only.

from Ursula Wolf’s introduction—

“Peter Asbæk conceived the project himself, the idea coming one evening when he was considering the disposal of his assets and ‘his ending’. He wanted to control the funerary ceremony […], the music, the duration, but above all the secularity of the occasion. Almost everything to do with his ending was under his control apart from the obituary, and it was while he was thinking of this the idea occurred of providing his own.

He shared his idea […] of a collaborative obituary, one whose form and end was subject to great variables. It became clear to us almost immediately any such obituary would end up not resembling an obituary at all; however, the name stuck, and the project of an open obituary – a mosaic obituary formed of many and varied impressions – was born. This final piece of work from Asbæk’s mind asked a simple question: What kind of obituary might be written by a stranger?

Read extracts from A Mosaic Obituary here—

A Mosaic Obituary [Extracts]

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